Dashboard Warning Light Part 1

It’s important to understand the dashboard warning lights that may come on in your car and what they mean. The video above is part one in a three part series explaining the most common lights that you may see illuminate on your dashboard.

What Does The Service Engine Soon Light Mean?

Your vehicle’s electronic control module has diagnosed an issue with your engine’s performance. It is safe to continue driving your vehicle while the check engine light is on, but you should schedule a service check at your earliest convenience and have it checked by a certified technician.

O/D (Overdrive) Off

The O/D Off light signals you that your vehicle’s overdrive system has been disengaged. Overdrive is a mode that allows an automatic transmission to access its highest gear and higher RPMs. There is no need to turn this system off, so it is recommended to keep this engaged. It is typically turned on and off via a button, usually found on your center console. Our video about overdrive can teach you more about this.


The ESP or ESC light will illuminate most often if your car is sliding and electronic stability system is engaging. If the light is illuminated and does not turn off, this can mean there is an issue with the electronic stability system. It is recommended to turn the system off, typically via a button that says ESP or ESC, and bring in your vehicle in for service as soon as convenient.Being familiar with the lights on your dashboard is important. It can allow you to recognize if you need to take your vehicle in for service or if a button has been accidentally pressed.

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