Dashboard Warning Light Part 2

This is part two in our short three part series on identifying the warning lights that may illuminate on your car’s dashboard. We feel It’s important to understand the possible dashboard warning lights that may come on in your car, and more importantly, what they mean.

What Does The Electronic Throttle Control Light Mean?

This light will commonly come on when starting the vehicle. If it stays on or illuminates when you’re driving, this can mean there is a major issue with your vehicle’s electronic throttle control system. As you travel, take note of how it’s driving. If it’s maneuvering as usual, make a service appointment as soon as possible. If you your vehicle pulls, stalls, or if you feel inconsistencies in the throttle, do not drive the vehicle. Pull over and have the vehicle towed to a service center.

What Does It Mean When The Traction Control Light Comes On?

The traction control light should come on right with the ABS light. These two systems operate together. If the indicator flashes, this is letting you know that the road conditions aren’t safe. If the light stays on, this can mean there is a problem with the traction control system. Make an appointment and take it to be serviced as soon as possible.

The Powertrain Malfunction Light Is On

The Powertrain Malfunction Light alerts to an issue with the powertrain. This can mean anything involving the engine or transmission. To avoid danger or additional problems, turn off the car, and have it towed to a service shop. Do not drive while this light is illuminated.Knowing the on your dashboard is important and we hope this video is informational.

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