Dashboard Warning Light Part 3

This is part three in our three-part series to help identify the warning lights that you may see come on in your car. It’s important to understand the possible dashboard warning lights that may come on in your car, and more importantly, what they mean.

What Does The ABS Warning Light Mean?

This light will let you know about a problem with the anti-lock braking system. This does not mean your brakes need replacing. It does mean that your ABS or other vehicle safety features are not functioning properly. Take your vehicle to a service station as soon as possible.

What Does It Mean When The Oil Pressure Warning Light Comes On?

This light will illuminate when the vehicle recognizes unsafe oil pressure levels. If you see this warning light up, pull over and check the oil level immediately. View our video on how to check your oil level here.

The Temperature Warning Light Is On

This light come on when you engine is too warm. Pull over and turn your vehicle off right away. If the problem persists, take your vehicle in for service.

The Brake System Alert Is On

The Brake System Alert light comes on, this means your vehicle is at a dangerously low level of brake fluid. This likely means you have a leak. Service is necessary and towing is recommended to avoid the potential dangers of brake failure.

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